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A Small Guide To The Etruscan Coast In Tuscany

A small guide to the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany

I began to tame my hair again with a headband to prevent the curls from falling on my face while I'm teaching a cooking class. We started to dine out again, sharing the leftovers with the family, watching the sun colouring with warm hues the hills beyond the olive trees. I fall asleep again without…

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Our Mini Guide To Maremma, Tuscany

Our mini guide to Maremma, Tuscany

Every now and then I dream about booking a flight to a distant destination, a not so touristic place where to find a genuine hospitality, where people still live at their own pace. I dream about filling my eyes with landscapes different from the usual postcards, sitting at a corner table in a quiet little…

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Fettunta Party In The Garden 2017

Fettunta party in the garden 2017

The Fettunta Party is back! Last year we had to cancel the event due to not reassuring weather forecasts, but we're ready to get back to that curious behaviour of the first year of blogs, when events for bloggers did not exist yet, when you were forced to invent an…

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