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Prizes and Awards

Saveur Blog Awards 2019 | Best Food Culture Blog | WINNER
Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | Finalist

Saveur Blog Awards 2018 | Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners | Finalist

Saveur Blog Awards 2017 | Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners | Finalist
Corriere della Sera – Cucina Blog Awards 2017 | Best food writing blog | Finalist
Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | Finalist

Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | Finalist

Premio Jarro Giovani
Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | Finalist

Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best food website | Third place
Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | Third place

Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best food website | Second place
Macchianera Italian Awards | Category: best foodblogger | First place

Tuscany’s official Foodblogger


Press || Rassegna Stampa

In English
The Huffington Post US || Food Bloggers: The Top 10 Of June (Mention)
The Huffington Post US || 6 Things Italian Women Can Teach Us About Appreciating Food (Mention)
Good Housekeeping || Cooking with Giulia Scarpaleggia: five simple ways to create an Italian feast
The Sun || The 3 big mistakes Brits make when cooking Italian food, reveals Tuscan chef
Girl in Florence || Cooking In Tuscany With Jul’s Kitchen
Girl in Florence || Locals I Love: Giulia Scarpaleggia
Emiko Davies || A day in Juls’ Kitchen – a Tuscan cooking class
Stai al borgo || A Day at Jul’s Kitchen and Interview with Food Blogger Giulia Scarpaleggia
Eat Look Travel Book || Tuscany Travel Tips from Giulia Scarpaleggia, Tuscan Cook & Blogger of Juls’ Kitchen
“Free from” kitchen || A trip to Tuscany
Heated by Sara Cagle | 12 Online Cooking Classes for Travelers Dreaming of Italy
Macleans || Under the Tuscan spell
Bertazzoni || The blogger Giulia Scarpaleggia has chosen a Bertazzoni range cooker (Mention)
disgracesonthemenu || [Thoughts on the Table – 47] Introducing Food Writer and Cooking Instructor Giulia Scarpaleggia from Jul’s Kitchen (Podcast)
Anne Sage || Traditional Italian Tiramisu recipe (Mention)
Miss Foodwise || Tuscany in the autumn, a celebration of food (Mention)

En Français
Christelle is flabbergasting || Arrivederci italia et le quatre quarts au vinsanto de Giulia

En Español
Republica || La Toscana en cinco mercados y 15 recetas (2017)

In het Nederlands
Jamila Winwood || Koken in Toscane met Juls Kitchen
Ciao Tutti || De mooiste (en lekkerste) mercati van Toscane (2017 | Book review)

In Italiano
The Huffington Post IT || Instagram: guardare le foto dei cibi aumenta il senso di sazietà. La dieta sui social (Mention)
The Huffington Post IT || Dieci ricette per il nuovo anno. I consigli dei Food Blogger (Mention)
Vanity Fair IT || I food blogger da seguire (Mention)
Vanity Fair IT || Le ricette del cenone (come iniziare bene il 2014) (Mention)
TG2 Eat Parade || Puntata del 24/10/2014
Tuscany People || In cucina con Giulia (2017 | Interview)
Romeo e Julienne || La cucina dei mercati in Toscana (2017 | Book review)
Pragmatiko || 50 migliori food blog(ger) italiani  (Mention)
Findinglovers || 8 Foodblogger da seguire (e invidiare) su Instagram (Mention)
Kasanova || Stagionalità significa salute, parola di Giulia Scarpaleggia (Interview)
Speciale quiTouring || n.59 2013 (rivista cartacea)
Dissapore || Food blogger o Sbafatori? La generazione che ha cambiato il racconto del cibo (13/10/2015) (Mention)
Nove da Firenze || “Cucina da chef con ingredienti low cost”, il nuovo libro di Giulia Scarpaleggia
Bigodino || A tavola con… Giulia Scarpaleggia || Giulia Scarpaleggia, la foodblogger che con Juls’ Kitchen porta la cucina toscana nel mondo (Interview)
I love beer || Giulia Scarpaleggia: Miglior Foodblogger 2013
Fine Dining Lovers || 9 domande a Giulia di Juls’ Kitchen, blog di cucina toscana (Interview)
Star || Intervista a Giulia Scarpaleggia, food blogger e cuoca (Interview)
Manager Italia || Quando un blog ti cambia la vita – Intervista a Giulia Scarpaleggia (Interview)
Firenze Fuori || Fiera di Firenze: lo show cooking di Giulia Scarpaleggia di Juls’ Kitchen (Interview)
Blog di Lifestyle || Juls’ Kitchen, in cucina ci vuole passione (Interview)
Magazine delle donne || Juls’ Kitchen: l’eleganza a tavola (Interview)
D – La Repubblica || Dieta nordica e dieta mediterranea: chi vince?
Alberto Statti || Intervista a Giulia Scarpaleggia di Juls’ Kitchen (12/04/2016) (Interview)

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