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The studio is open!

We've been checking weather forecasts as first thing in the morning and countless times during the day for weeks. Then we surrendered, and we decided to postpone to some future date the fettunta party, our annual big party in the garden with friends and food enthusiasts. There was no possible way…

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Pride and pudding, the book

There's nothing better than being genuinely happy for a friend. Almost a month ago I received a heavy parcel in the mail, it was Regula's new book. I knew it would have been a masterpiece, as I followed with excitement her two years of hard work and commitment, but I could not believe my…

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The charm of citrus fruit. Bergamot marmalade

Since Molly and Emiko warmly suggested to read The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruit, written by Helena Attlee, garden writer specialized in the cultural history of Italian gardens, I started noticing citruses everywhere. Beautiful leafy lemons are staring at me from the farmers' market stalls, glistening…

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