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My love for cooking and the curiosity for traditional family recipes led me to write my first cookbook, Le ricette di mia nonna – My grandma’s recipes, a cookery book in Italian and in English on the food we daily eat at home. In 2012 Food Editore published my second cookbook, I love Toscana, which has been translated in English, Dutch, Polish and Taiwanese. Two more cookbooks followed I love Toscana: in 2014 Cucina da chef con ingredienti low cost, published with BUR, and in 2015 Cucina naturale: Frutta, published with Gribaudo.

My fifth cookbook, La Cucina dei Mercati in Toscana, was published with Guido Tommasi Editore on February 2017. The English version, From the Markets of Tuscany: A cookbook, is available in Italy and abroad. 

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From the markets of Tuscany: A cookbook (2018)

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Read my blogpost about the long book journey and discover all the behind the scenes. 

Tuscan cooking is made at home, in grocery shops, in the local vegetable gardens and among the stalls of a market. This book is a collection of traditional and seasonal recipes and a guide to the best food markets in Tuscany. I will bring you with me on a tour through the most famous and lesser known areas of one of the most popular regions in the world, from the streets of Florence to those full of charm and mystery of Volterra, from Garfagnana to the wild Lunigiana, from the velvet hills of Val d’Orcia to those covered with vineyards and olive groves in the Chianti area.

This book is an excuse to describe with pictures, words and recipes the historical markets like San Lorenzo and Sant’Ambrogio in Florence, the weekly markets, so longed for by everyone in small villages and towns, and the organic markets of local producers. There are also the coastal fish markets and the little huts of fruit and vegetables to be found along the road in Maremma.

Divided into 12 chapters, the book presents the typical dishes of each area. There are the traditional breads, from the bland Tuscan bread, made without salt, to the chestnut flour bread of Lunigiana and the potato bread of Garfagnana. Many are the meat dishes, including game – wild boar and hare for example – and quinto quarto, offal. We ventured also to the coast to add the best fish recipes, from the cacciucco in Livorno to the whole fish baked with vegetables in Maremma.

Vegetables and fruits abound in every chapter, choose them wisely, seasonally and locally. Leave room for desserts, too, as you will find those timeless cakes, sweet breads and cookies which belong to past times and grandma’s cupboards.

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From the markets of Tuscany: A cookbook

La cucina dei mercati in toscana  La cucina dei mercati in toscana

Cucina da chef con ingredienti low cost – compra con la testa, cucina con il cuore (2014)

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The title can be roughly translated into “Cook as a chef with low cost ingredients”. The main theme of the book, as you can tell from the title, is the cucina povera, the peasant’s cooking, unsophisticated, the recipes of the families who would put on the table a feast from a few ingredients, the dishes of osterias and country inns, where you could find the menu hand-written on a sheet of yellow paper. It is a cuisine that is never boring, but creative, vital, innovative and traditional at the same time, a style od cooking which has time and organization as main ingredients.

I shared recipes, photos and tips to depict a vivid image of a cuisine without frills but never predictable, sustainable, local, seasonal.

Ultimately it is what I’ve learned with these past years of blogging. Appreciate and celebrate the season, buy your food at the market or from your butcher. Talk to him, with the fishmonger, with the farmer… take some advice and do learn from their knowledge, then pass what you’ve learnt to your neighbors, your family and friends.


I Love Toscana – colours, taste and flavours (2012)

In this book there is all my family and my love for Tuscany and its products.
There are our family recipes, those of my grandmother with which I grew up and that welcomed me home from school every day, the recipes that mum taught me step by step on our Sunday mornings spent in pajamas, those of my great-grandmother, of Aunt Teresa and Aunt Silvana, of Gelsomino and of other relatives and friends who generously told me their lives through the alchemy of ingredients and secrets.

There is my family and our memories: the war experienced by my grandmother as a young girl in the countryside that I got to know only through her stories, there are the afternoons spent at the beach with my cousin Margherita and those in San Gimignano with my granddad Remigio and my aunt, the wooden trays made by my grandfather Biagio, the walks and the afternoons at home with Claudia and a bowl of custard.

There is my land, to which I feel to be tied and bound, in which I had the good luck to grow up, that I rediscovered over the years through my blog and the cooking classes: generous and bashful, Tuscany is not just tomato soup and Florentine steak. It is a varied mix of recipes, distinct areas and peculiar characters, herbs, respect for the seasonality of products and cult of the stale bread, because it is a mortal sin to throw something away.
There are the producers who with passion and honesty tell all this through olive oil, wine, cheese, meat, truffles. There are landscapes, restaurants, inns, agriturismi, real people and stories that are worth knowing.

There is the Tuscany I love, and I hope that through these recipes and these stories you can fall in love a little bit, too.


  • The Italian edition is published by Food Editore. Available in bookstores and online, buy it on
  • The English edition is published by Food Editore. Available in bookstores and online, but it on
  • The Dutch edition is published by Ankh-Hermes B.V., Uitgeverij. Available in bookstores and online on and
  • The Polish edition is published by Jednosc. Available online on and
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