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Ciao, I am Giulia Scarpaleggia, a Tuscan born and bred country girl, a home cook, a food writer and a photographer. I teach Tuscan cooking classes in my house in the countryside in between Siena and Florence, where my family has been living since the 1920’s and where I live now with my husband, Tommaso, and our dog, Noa. 
I’ve been sharing honest, reliable Italian recipes for 10 years now, through my cookbooks and this blog.

If you love everything about Italian food, big crowded tables and seasonal ingredients, join us and follow our podcast “Cooking with an Italian accent“.

Why an Italian accent? Well, I’m pretty sure you can hear it when I talk, and you can taste it when I cook. I invite you into our home in the Tuscan countryside, into this busy kitchen and into my well stocked pantry.

In each episode, we talk about traditional food and the memories it stirs up, we meet friends and producers and we build up an appetite for Italian food.

I will also answer listeners’ questions about Italian and Tuscan cooking, about that pack of dried cannellini beans you do not know how to use, about extra virgin olive oil or our love for stale bread. So, if you have a question in your mind, just email me at or join our Facebook Group Cooking with Juls’ Kitchen. I’ll answer your questions at the end of each episode.

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Rate and review the show. It will help us to be found on line and build up an appetite for Italian food. Share with your friends, too!

Episode show notes
05Mar 21

Episode 44 – On risotto

In this episode of Cooking with an Italian Accent I’m sharing why I love risotto, and why I find it is a therapeutic recipe. When making risotto, let your senses…

23Dec 20

Episode 43 – Food and motherhood

From the last episode of this podcast, a few things have changed. Summer has gone, leaving space to a bright, mild Tuscan autumn, and now it is winter, well, it’s…

12Jul 20

Episode 40 – Get to know us better

We reached the 40th episode of our podcast "Cooking with an Italian Accent"! So it's time to celebrate and to recap what we’ve done so far in these 15 months…

27May 20

Episode 38 – Our virtual Tuscan cooking class

Juls’ Kitchen is a family business. Tommaso and I work together to teach classes, develop recipes for clients, taking photos, producing the podcast, and writing the blog and the newsletter,…

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