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Digital Reach

Web Site

Sessions: 135.000+ (avg)
Users: 100.000+ (avg)
Monthly page views: 200.000+ (avg)

Session duration: 3:15 minutes (avg) 
Audience Demographics: Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, North Europe
Traffic source: organic search, direct, Pinterest, Facebook


Social Media

Instagram: 58.500+ followers
IG Reach: 16.000+ (avg/post)
IG Impressions: 18.000+ (avg/post)
Audience Demographics: Italy (31%), United States (23%), Argentina (7%), Australia (5%), United Kingdom (4%)

Facebook: 28.100+ likes
FB Reach: 52.000+ (avg)
FB Impressions: 240.000+ (avg)

Newsletter: 4400+ active subscribers
Open rate: 60%

Twitter: 10.300+ followers
Pinterest: 8.100+ followers
: 1170+ subscribers | 128.000+ views

Podcast: 93.000+ total download

Update: Dic. 2020

What we can do for you

These are the services we offer to our clients:

  1. Original and traditional recipes
  2. Food-related articles
  3. Food photography and photo reportages
  4. Video recipes
  5. Cooking classes and cooking demonstrations
  6. Food writing and food photography workshops
  7. Press tour participation
  8. Product reviews and destination reviews
  9. Speeches on food related themes such as Italian and Tuscan cuisine, seasonal recipes, local produce


We developed recipes for: Montorsi, Negroni, Bistefani, Pyrex, Mukki, Moulinex, Ferrari formaggi, Sapori di Siena, UniCoop Firenze, Lagostina, Sammontana, Curtiriso, Citrosodina, Pomì, Ventura, Vergnano, Kusmi Tea, RCR, Pettinicchio, Le Naturelle, Riso Scotti, Zwilling, Staub, Bertazzoni, C&A, Zuegg, Masi, Fiskaars, Amío, Pyrex, Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma, Consorzio Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico di Modena.

We worked for Italian and foreign magazines as: Cucina del Corriere della Sera, Ci piace cucinare, Dolci Tentazioni, FiorFiore Coop, Casa Creativa, Oggi Cucino, Gli Speciali di Oggi Cucino, The Foodie Bugle, The Simple Things…  

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    Recipes developed for our Clients

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