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Letters from Tuscany

We firmly believe in the value and power of newsletters.

As a reader, I realized I would search for a newsletter whenever I fell in love with a new blog: it was my way to show my appreciation. Moreover, the newsletter would grant me that I would not lose a single post, as they would be there, in my inbox, ready for me to read whenever I had a spare moment.

As bloggers, we’ve been sending newsletters for almost 10 years now. It is our way to connect and interact with you in a more personal, intimate way. The newsletter is the natural complement to our blog, an archive of stories and recipes – more than 500 recipes! – and to our Social Media. In 2021 we launched a new project, Letters from Tuscany.

Free Newsletter

When you join our newsletter, you will receive blog and podcast updates right into your inbox. Every Friday, we share a new cooking or baking weekend project, seasonal recipes, behind the scenes, and links to what I’m reading, listening to, watching, and cooking. The Newsletter is the best way to keep in touch, receive cooking class and workshop updates, discounts on our classes, and cookbook previews.

Have a look at the archive here.

Subscription-based weekly newsletter

Every Monday, you will receive a new exclusive recipe inspired by ingredients, season, or tradition. You will discover Italian classics, weeknight ideas with an Italian flair, reliable dishes to add to your cooking repertoire.

You can opt for a monthly subscription (5$) or for an annual subscription (40$).

Subscribing to the newsletter, you will support us directly. We love Letters from Tuscany, as it is like having our own independent publication: we test, photograph, write each recipe just for you. It is a way of sharing great content, recipes that we like, created to inspire you, to bring a little taste of Italy to your kitchen, for you and your family.

Whenever you decide to join us, you will have complete access to the whole archive of already published recipes and stories.

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