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Pork sirloin with milk and white truffle

Last week, looking for a meat recipe to enrich with truffles, I went back in memories to a typical Sunday morning of a few years ago… one of the many wintry Sunday mornings spent in San Gimignano, at my grandfather’s house. While my aunt and mom were cooking, I would pick up pine nuts with my cousin Margherita and my grandfather in the local park, or, growing up, we would have our first strolls in town, looked up with caring eyes by all the inhabitants of San Gimignano, leaning out the doors of shops and bars. We were the daughters of the little twins, and therefore recognized by everyone! Pork sirloin cooked in milk was one of the dishes we used to welcome with more joy coming back home. Its softness, its creamy and velvety gravy and the richness that made it a perfect second course to enjoy on cold winter mornings… these are cozy memories I cannot forget!

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Smoked duck breast & pomegranate salad

The Middle Ages is one of my favorite periods in history. I still remember that my high school Italian teacher used to tell us that was absolutely wrong to define dark that era, because it was in that very period that the culture was reborn, in abbeys, castles, and the first markets where trading resumed slowly.

Now you would consider me a crazy person, but suspend for a moment any judgments, especially the historical ones… when I saw the pictures and the colours of this pomegranate and smoked duck salad – a magret de canard fumé that comes straight from Paris, a gift from my parents – I thought: this looks like a medieval dish! There is meat and fruit (it is a medieval habit to mix them into the same dish), there is a sense of long nights in dark castles in front of a fireplace, the wind blowing outside, the Lady of the manor housing a pilgrim, seasons going by…

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Pork meatballs with orange and wild fennel

It is often said that meatballs are meant to finish the leftovers, used to recycle other ingredients that are no more fresh... except this time!  I wanted to give a leading role to my meatballs, born just because I wanted them exactly as they are: small, round and with a…

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My Greek dinner: moussaka

Those who follow me on Twitter or on the fan page of Juls' Kitchen on Facebook know that this Valentine's Day was an opportunity to finally have a Greek dinner ... you may ask, and what about that? Simple, do you remind Toula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well,…

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