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Roasted turkey with sage and almonds

Yesterday morning I was enjoying, half asleep, the last memories of a beautiful dream still lingering in my mind, caressed by a light breeze coming in through the open window. Along with the sound of cicadas that, at 8 am, were already filling the air with their monotonous and hypnotic recall, the well-known smell of Mum’s roasted meet was coming in from the kitchen, accompanied by the equally well-known and comforting sound of her footsteps.

A second later, I was a child again, short tomboy hair and my comfy tracksuit already covered in stains and marking pen signs (clean in the morning, the evening was already ‘lived’) sitting on a kitchen stool, funny hairy slippers at my feet, one eye on TV, where there was definitely one of my favorite Disney movies, and one on the table where Mum was preparing the turkey to be roast.

After a while the sleep took over again, and when I woke up Mum was already at work, the roasted pork in the oven, but a note left in plain sight on the table informed me that that was for dinner. No roasted meat for lunch, so? Oh no, I felt like it! Luckily, there was turkey breast the fridge that, combined with some other ingredients, has turned into a colorful roasted turkey characterized by the touch of sage and the crunchiness of the almonds.

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Roasted turkey with sage and almonds

Author Giulia


  • turkey breast, about 600 gr
  • eggs, 2
  • almonds, 100 gr
  • sage leaves, circa 20
  • milk or cream, 100 ml
  • Tuscan ham, 4 - 5 not too thin slices
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • white wine, 250 ml
  • extra virgin olive oil


  • Beat eggs with milk or cream, season with salt and pepper to taste and add finely chopped sage leaves. Pour in a pan with steaming extra virgin olive oil cook the omelette; put it aside.
  • Lightly toast the almonds in the oven or in a nonstick skillet. Once cold chop them coarsely.
  • Open turkey breast with a sharp knife, so as to have a slice of about 1.5 cm thickness. Sprinkle the turkey with almonds, cover them with ham slices, slightly overlapping, and then place over the omelette.
  • Wrap the turkey breast on itself, starting from the longest side, and tie up the roll with a kitchen string. Rub the meat with salt and pepper.
  • Heat a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil into a pan: I used a cast iron skillet. When the olive oil is hot, brown the turkey roll on each side, making sure to turn it with a silicone or wooden spatula, so as not to spill cooking liquids and not to harden the meat. When golden brown and crispy, pour in the white wine, cook uncovered for about 2 minutes and then continue cooking for about 20 minutes covering the pan with a lid.
  • Check often that the juices do not dry up completely: if so, add a little hot water and cover again. After 20 minutes, finish cooking the meat for another 5 minutes without the lid. Let it rest for a while before removing the string and slice the roll.
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A few tips: do not season too much turkey and omelet. Tuscan ham inside will contribute to flavor the meat. Choose a salad as a side dish, perhaps with arugula and tomatoes, which will balance with freshness and delicate flavor the savoury meat. Turkey roll can be served both warm and hot, seasoned with a tablespoon of cooking juice.

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  1. What a lovely nostalgic feeling for your childhood. 🙂 And this turkey looks amazing, I was actually planning to make some turkey myself this week and this is an inspiration for me to get going!

  2. Last night I made chicken with sage leaves and it was fantastic, I think your version with almonds is out of this world good!

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