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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: jugged guinea-fowl

I still remember the first time I tasted this dish. How to forget that moment? I was in bed, ill, I was suffering from mumps and it was just 2 days after my final examination at elementary school.

We were momentarily living with Grandma Menna, since there were restoration works in our house.

I was in dad’s old bedroom, immersed in Mickey Mouse comics and Gaia Junior books, my great passions at that time.

At lunch time Grandma came upstairs bringing a dish with a guinea-fowl leg and tons of sauce, thick, tasteful and delicious. Trying and trying, I couldn’t manage to gulp down a single morsel, but bit by bit I finished all the sauce, dipping my little fingers into that creamy dressing.

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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: pot roasted rabbit

Pot roasted rabbit

When my grandma was young, they used to eat chickens and rabbits, since there were plenty of them in the farm. They had firm and flavourful meat, stuck to the bone.
Even during the Second World War in my grandma’s house there was always enough to eat, because the bread was baked at home, the animals were in the farm, the olive oil was produced from the olive trees in the field and the wine from my great-grandfather vineyard, the vegetables were those grown in season in the garden.

They were missing sugar and salt, pasta and rice, the only foods that were subject to rationing.

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My office lunch

This is my today’s lunch in the office. My mum makes my pocket lunch every evening but yesterday I was feeling like having some sesame chicken and so I made my lunch myself, using the nicest tupperwares I had (pink, obviously!).
We have a microwave in the office, so at 1 o’ clock, after a rapid jump into the magic oven, my lunch is steaming and delicious as just made!

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