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Pilaf rice with fresh tuna and herbs

Take a classic Italian family, made of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters ... or take for example my family: it is almost impossible to find yourself sitting alone at the table for lunch or dinner. We have dinner sitting all together commenting on the day, lunch is meant to be…

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Light rice pudding

It’s hot, it’s really hot here. I’m tired and I keep forgetting things and making silly mistakes. I live in a constant haze, trying to figure out how not to make collide dreams, reality, expectations and future projects. Maybe I just need holidays, after all!

Today I just want to take the chance to introduce you the new G2Kitchen issue, fresh, summery and made with the usual passion and enthusiasm. Unfortunately this will be the last issue, it has been an extraordinary experience, I lived for a while the dream of working in a real editorial staff! As usual, here you can read one of my recipes from the magazine translated in English.

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Hawaiian rice noodles with bacon and crab meat

I’m not very much into dancing and sometimes I prefer staying at home to cook or write, rather than going to a club… Yet, the harsh life of a single woman would require an attendance, if not constant at least assiduous, of socializing sites to get this label off. Despite this behaviour, I am good company and I like parties, those parties crammed with friends, where you have the chance to talk, to laugh to tears and, obviously, to eat. If at the disco my eyes start to close at the stroke of midnight (what an anachronistic person I am… will it be the influence of Cinderella’s tale?), at a party with friends I can stay up till late chatting over a set table, losing track of time and enjoying the atmosphere.

I’ve always had the dream of throwing large parties, like in the movies, with music, colours and set tables in my garden. I live in the countryside, this is one of the many benefits I have: no time constraints, no grumpy neighbours, open spaces to fill with joyful hands, feet and smiles. But until a few years ago there was a problem, to fill that garden, until…

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Riz rouge de Camargue with fennel confit

I love colourful and distinguishing bridal bouquets, especially if they have unusual flowers and intricate interwoven green leaves. There’s a bouquet that beats them all. If ever a destiny will resolve me to leave my single status to get married, my bouquet will look like a bouquet garni! How I would love my father to walk me down the aisle, me holding tight in my hands a bouquet of fresh herbs, maybe some chili and certainly a lot of mint. After the ceremony, no way I’d throw the bouquet to the bridesmaids, it would end up directly into the pot to make us a risotto or a roast meat!

Last summer I visited Provence and Camargue: the stalls along the road were selling Provençal tablecloths, pottery, wrought iron souvenirs and bunches of fragrant lavender along with these small intense bouquets garnis, made with some of the most scented herbs of Provence. Again and again I was tempted to buy a whole bag of them, even though this would have meant finishing the trip in a car overfilled with thyme and laurel smell. Then I realized that it is much easier and cheaper to make them, instead of buying a bouquet garni as a common turist.

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