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Summer smells, memories and seafood spaghetti

I won't be the first to acknowledge how powerful smells can be, extraordinary anchors to a universe of past memories. Every season, every place, even every house has a set of smells which make you travel through space and time. There are three unique smells that bring me immediately to my childhood summer holidays with…

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Livorno. Sweet and sour salt cod

I fell in love with Livorno thanks to one of my dearest friends, Laura. Her grandmother Rina used to live there, right next to the stadium and the swimming pool. After a tough period of exams at the university we decided to spend a weekend in Livorno, a well deserved break on the…

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My Easter menu: roasted croaker fish

The secret ingredient of my cooking classes are smiling faces. I'm not just talking about the beaming smiles of my students - newlyweds on their honeymoon, families, friends or elder couples enjoying their lives together and traveling through Europe. I'm thinking about the big smiles of those producers and market vendors that I had the good…

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