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The pleasure to be proved wrong and a taste of zaletti, corn cookies from Venice

2014 proved me wrong so many times. Last year I visited for the first time the Viareggio Carnival. I faced the weekend with the usual attitude I take on every time at the arrival of streamers and confetti: a faithful hope that Carnival will pass quickly as I am already looking forward to spring. I could already see me casting sinister looks at anyone approaching with a handful…

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My Canelés de Bordeaux and my Carnival fancy dresses

Today is the last day of Carnival, Mardi Gras. In my own julsian calendar (that is the calendar made in my image and likeness) this means that there are just a few hours to go before I can say with granitic confidence that Spring is here! Yes, methinks Carnival has always been the last obstacle that stands between me and the spring, the flowers, the warm and scented air, the picnics in the garden and the nice walking in the Florence city centre, when the air takes that indefinable colour that makes you say that, yes, there we are, we’re living the sweetest time of the year.

Although I’ve not been celebrating Carnival in the last few years, I can still remember that time when I used to come back from San Gimignano Carnival parade or kid disco dance with confetti everywhere, even in my underwear! Looking back, nine times out of ten I was sick at home instead of wearing fancy dresses, but I can still draw my own personal top five memorable Carnival fancy dresses.

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