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Siena and a spiced dried fruit compote

To truly understand the Palio of Siena you must live there. You have to grow up in a contrada, a city quarter, a second extended family where to feel at home, surrounded by friends. You'll recognize the arrival of summer by the tuff laid in Piazza del Campo just a few days before…

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Livorno. Sweet and sour salt cod

I fell in love with Livorno thanks to one of my dearest friends, Laura. Her grandmother Rina used to live there, right next to the stadium and the swimming pool. After a tough period of exams at the university we decided to spend a weekend in Livorno, a well deserved break on the…

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The pleasure to be proved wrong and a taste of zaletti, corn cookies from Venice

2014 proved me wrong so many times. Last year I visited for the first time the Viareggio Carnival. I faced the weekend with the usual attitude I take on every time at the arrival of streamers and confetti: a faithful hope that Carnival will pass quickly as I am already looking forward to spring. I could already see me casting sinister looks at anyone approaching with a handful…

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