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Irish Beef Stew with Guinness

Cèad mìle fàilte!* My love for Ireland was so strong that I even wanted to learn Gaelic. Looking back, I’ve realized that I’m a person who constantly needs to have a visceral passion for something that takes you to read, study, dream, commit… during my University years my deepest passion was Ireland.

I used to listen to U2, the Corrs, the Chieftains. I even listened to unknown Irish folk bands, as long as the music had that special verve that made you get up from the chair and start dancing! I used to read W. B. Yeats’ poems and many Irish writers such as Roddy Doyle, Nouala O’ Faolain, Joseph O’Connor, Frank McCourt, Cecilia Ahern… I still have a soft spot for Cecilia Ahern’s novels and right now I feel a urgency to read again Pete McCarthy’s McCarthy’s Bar. If you haven’t read it yet, go searching for it and be ready to laugh to tears!

* It means a hundred thousand welcomes, and this is the only expression I have ever learnt in Gaelic!

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