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Gluten free cupcakes with strawberry buttercream

Cupcakes senza glutine

Juls’ Kitchen is a democratic blog and, therefore, it complies with the majority.

Yesterday I gave my followers on Twitter and Facebook the chance to choose today’s recipe (by the way, if you are not, follow me on my pages. They are quick channels to receive updates and sneak peaks). Fresh pasta or cupcakes was the question. Fresh pasta held out to the end, but in the last minutes the cupcakes have marked the final victory, with a 54% of the votes. Then, cupcakes for everyone (but you, fresh pasta supporters, do not despair! There are two upcoming recipes for you!)

Those who chose cupcakes remarked that they wanted something colourful, fresh, suitable for early spring days. I made something special. The cakes are gluten free, strong, masculine, with the bitter aroma of cocoa powder and the strength of quinoa. They have a crumbly texture, dotted with oatmeal. The frosting is a feminine quirk, sugary and soft, a fruity buttercream.

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My Canelés de Bordeaux and my Carnival fancy dresses

Today is the last day of Carnival, Mardi Gras. In my own julsian calendar (that is the calendar made in my image and likeness) this means that there are just a few hours to go before I can say with granitic confidence that Spring is here! Yes, methinks Carnival has always been the last obstacle that stands between me and the spring, the flowers, the warm and scented air, the picnics in the garden and the nice walking in the Florence city centre, when the air takes that indefinable colour that makes you say that, yes, there we are, we’re living the sweetest time of the year.

Although I’ve not been celebrating Carnival in the last few years, I can still remember that time when I used to come back from San Gimignano Carnival parade or kid disco dance with confetti everywhere, even in my underwear! Looking back, nine times out of ten I was sick at home instead of wearing fancy dresses, but I can still draw my own personal top five memorable Carnival fancy dresses.

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Chocolate and banana muffins + rum

Does it happen to you? As you walk down the street, do you cast an eye to the shop window and catch a reflection, a glimpse with undefined contours? What do you see? or rather, who would you like to see in that reflection? Sometime I hope with all my heart to see a slender girl, with…

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Dutch cocoa cupcakes

Winter is approaching, with its dark and cold nights, with the wind blowing through the bare trees branches. Even Christmas is coming with long strides, along with the desire for rich and sumptuous food, food full of stories, tales, spices, and faraway travels, food loaded with fantasy, adventure and excitement.

For me, Dutch cocoa is all about this. It has its own romantic fairy tale elements, as the cocoa aroma takes me back in a blink of an eye to Vianne’s kitchen, to foretell your life into hot chocolate whirls. But Dutch cocoa has something more inside: the sense of adventure and exotic, the luscious food of the seventeenth century European courts, the fragrant treasure in the hold of the Dutch navigators.

These cupcakes were born with the shameless intention to celebrate Dutch cocoa, to intoxicate with the deep aroma from the very first bite, to win – with a hidden charm – even the most reluctant heart. Hence the wanderer cupcakes, with Dutch cocoa and Swiss meringue. The recipe takes inspiration for the chocolate cupcakes made by Sigrid – Regalini Golosi book – and the Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting from Smitten Kitchen.

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