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Florence antique market and where to eat a good panino

Date marzo 18, 2014

Florence and its markets. Sooner or later I’d love to tell you about every market in Florence, Sant’Ambrogio, San Lorenzo… markets who lived through the pages of history and novels. Each market has a peculiar soul, its loving customers and its interesting story. Today grab your favourite armchair or choose your preferred corner of the […]

My best wishes for Christmas and New Year: may you have time…

Date dicembre 25, 2013

I sit on the couch, there’s a Christmas movie on TV, I don’t know which is the title, it doesn’t matter, it just sets the right mood. I close the curtains to create a dim light the living room, thus the lights on my tiny Christmas tree will shine more tree brightly. They wrap my […]

The good smell of cookies, the good smell of presents

Date dicembre 18, 2013

I find it hard to write an objective review of Profumo di biscotti, written by my friend Rossella, because I remember the moment when she said: Giuliettina honey – she loves to call me like this – I’ll do a book, can you imagine? My book! How can you be objective when you’ve lived through her excited […]