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Turkey and smoked bacon pie

October in the popular imagination is supposed to be the month when we step lightly into the 'normal' life, when you finally manage to rearrange your time schedule including the essential-for-your-self-esteem swimming class, the well deserved drink with your best friend, the quiet, calm and old style hour under the…

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Less than 5 minutes: turkey salad

First day of work after 10 days off, long sleep, friends, relatives, smiles, walks, plans for the future and… my best friend’s wedding! And now I must return, alas, to my normal and daily life! It is hard, isn’t it? Especially when you’re searching for a new job, as you can’t stand this one any more! Then a really fast post, just to re-enter gradually and slowly into the swirling river that is the universe of foodbloggers, to take confidence with comments, photos, recipes and networking!

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