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Galaktoboureko – a Greek phyllo custard pie and my love for Greece!


Once in a while I feel like Greece, I feel one of those cravings deeply rooted in your stomach that makes you leaf through a written and bookmarked guide, daydreaming. How many times have I been to Greece? Well, let’s see, not counting that time when I came close to it but then I gave up because I couldn’t find a travel mate… more or less… never! Yes, I reckon it sounds a bit weird, but Your Honour and members of the Jury, this love has its good reasons, and if you grant me a little time I can explain you my good reasons!

First of all, I studied Ancient Greek at high school for 5 years. There was the aorist, the perfect and all those hypothetical periods not easy to understand, the Rocci dictionary that made me lose sleep, sense and diopters, irregular verbs and the metric… but along with these terrible threats there were poetry, drama, myth, beauty, culture, humor, deep passions, timeless art and philosophy. This caused a spark of curiosity that crept into my heart and into my head, I became curious to finally see and live that land that had so influenced my teenage years.

This is the noble, dignified and dignifying reason. Then there’s another one… I just feel like Toula Portokalos, but really so much! For those who do not remember Toula, she is the star of My Big fat Greek wedding.

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Lemon & Vanilla Marmalade

Here I am after a great weekend at the seaside with my friends in Liguria. Once more I've had the proof that simplicity is fundamental and amazing! Whatsoever context you are examinig, you only need a few ingredients to make the recipe work. Fists quality ingredients, a simple and essential…

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A cake for dummies

This is a typical cake from Sardinian, made with fresh ricotta cheese. You can use sheep ricotta cheese as required by the recipe, but I tried it with goat ricotta cheese and it has become a very peculiar cake, with a strong and intense flavour, but really delicious. It is a cake for dummies: easy ingredients, easy making and easy baking.

I managed to have a perfect cake even if I chose a wrong mould, definitely too small, and I kept on opening the oven to remove living mixture poring out from the mould as lava from an Hawaiian volcano! So, the only advice is: use a proper plum cake mould, look after the size!

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