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The Secrets Of An Italian Nonna: Tomato Paste

The secrets of an Italian nonna: tomato paste

After years of meticulous observation and scrupulous and close examination, not to mention the hard but necessary tasting of all her recipes, I can finally share some of my grandma's secrets in the kitchen. I am pretty sure this is just the beginning, as every day I learn something new just by talking…

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The Charm Of Citrus Fruit. Bergamot Marmalade

The charm of citrus fruit. Bergamot marmalade

Since Molly and Emiko warmly suggested to read The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruit, written by Helena Attlee, garden writer specialized in the cultural history of Italian gardens, I started noticing citruses everywhere. Beautiful leafy lemons are staring at me from the farmers' market stalls, glistening…

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