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Rich pasta

Good Morning and Happy Monday! The colour of my weekend was red! Red like my hair (I dyed my hair and now they're like Julia Robert's hair, a wonderful Tiziano Autumnal colour), red as my brand new car, a flaming red Kia Picanto, red as my bank account for the…

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First gym, then a cake!

Yesterday was my first day at the gym. After a visit with a dietitian, a nutritionist, an endocrinologist and a psychiatric (it was all included) to understand why it was so hard to loose wight for me, the answer was only one: movement, movement, movement. I eat in a very healthy way, varying my diet, taking proteins, carbohydrates,  vitamins and mineral salts.  Once in a while a sweet or a cake, that’s all!

I’m doing exercise bike every day (or almost every day). I put an end to my swimming lessons because it was getting boring, after 3 years, and I’ll go swimming once in a while. What’s left? Gym with friends.

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A cake for dummies

This is a typical cake from Sardinian, made with fresh ricotta cheese. You can use sheep ricotta cheese as required by the recipe, but I tried it with goat ricotta cheese and it has become a very peculiar cake, with a strong and intense flavour, but really delicious. It is a cake for dummies: easy ingredients, easy making and easy baking.

I managed to have a perfect cake even if I chose a wrong mould, definitely too small, and I kept on opening the oven to remove living mixture poring out from the mould as lava from an Hawaiian volcano! So, the only advice is: use a proper plum cake mould, look after the size!

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