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Taste this! Pasta with peppers and pistachios

We say ‘come after the smoke of candles’ (refferred to the Mass) when you arrive very late on things that need to be made. It is a common say perfect for this occasion, since I’m posting my pictures of  Taste almost two weeks from that day, a really fun and interesting day, spent with great pleasure and shared with a few foodblogger friends – Carolina, Silvia, Aurelia e Francesca . But before telling you that Saturday with a selecion of images, smells and tastes, let me show you this fast and delicious recipe made to try wheat Matt pasta produced by Selezioni Monograno del Pastificio Felicetti.

In our noisy and laughing tour between exhibitors stands, we focused on Pastificio Felicetti stand – attracted by refined and elegant packaging. While we were there, a question naturally arose: what is Durum wheat Matt? I discovered with surprise that Durum wheat Matt is one of the best wheat in the world, is grown in Apulia and Sicily and makes excellent pasta, with the smell of fresh bread and a touch and taste a step above the others!

We left Taste with a 250gr pack of spaghetti for each of us, with a great desire to try it. As Silvia, I bought a pack of peperoni cruschi* – beautiful bright and red, and I decided to use them in the recipe, along with ricotta (white) and pistachio (green) for a delicious pasta, with an Italian look and taste!



  • organic ricotta cheese, 250 gr
  • peperoni cruschi* – peppers typical from Lucania, sweet and red, essiccated and fried
  • pistachios
  • organic lemon peel
  • salt and pepper
  • spaghetti, 250 gr

While the pasta cooks in salted water, mix ricotta cheese with a ladleful of cooking water and season with salt, pepper and grated lemon peel. Crush the pistachios in a mortar to grind into crumbs – larger and smaller. Drain the pasta, season with ricotta, pistachios and then crumble over some crusco peppers to add a touch of color and a sweet and crunchy sensation.

And now … a gallery of photos to describe with pictures – more than words – the beautiful day spent at Taste!

Il Genovese snc,, by Emanuela Nicora e Roberto Panizza… the best basil pesto ever tasted!

Le Saittole,, with a wide selection of extra virgin olive oil and black kalamata olives, with an unusual and delicious blackberry aftertaste.

Fil di Fumo – Friul Trout,, excellent! To mention the great enthusiasm and passion of people who love to explain their products.

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