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A Fresh New Beginning

A fresh new beginning

I'm good at new beginnings. I've lived many lives so far. I am not one of those drama-loving women who indulge in drastic resolutions every new year, though I experienced a bunch of life-turning events which led me to undiscovered paths. There I found my new routines, my new passions, my new friends. It's always…

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Six Years Of Juls’ Kitchen

Six years of Juls’ Kitchen

Today Juls' Kitchen is 6 years old. There have been 537 blog posts, 6.846 comments, countless important friendships born across different seas and continents, or simply across the Apennines. A few blog or press tours which brought me to Valdera for a vespa tour, to Andria to discover the extra virgin olive oil…

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A Breath Of Fresh Air…

A breath of fresh air…

I have many ideas, projects, dreams. I write them down on a little black notebook with a black pencil, I like to be old style once in a while. Many of these projects are connected with my blog - like, a newsletter, sooner or later I'll send you a newsletter,…

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Goodbye Kira

Goodbye Kira

I owe her this post. Kira has been part of our family for almost 15 years, now that she's gone there's a strange emptiness in the house. She has always been there, waiting for you, looking at you with her hazel eyes, a soft adoring look. She filled the corners…

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