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Italian Meat Sauce

My big fat Italian meat sauce

I believe that 2011 will be the year of the first times, I can feel it! On January the 1st I got up early (early given the dinner and party the night before), and I made my first ragù, the well renowned Italian meat sauce, with my grandma. I can see the scandal in your eyes: how can it be possible? you have been blogging for almost…

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The roots. Jersusalem artichokes soup

Zuppa di Topinambur

Jasmin and Manuel’ s contest, Taking roots, organized to celebrate their first Labna blogiversary, was definitely my cup of tea for two reasons:

– the roots are essential for all of us, your family build them up for you day after day, they give you the sap to grow, the minerals from the home soil to fortify you and the strength necessary to let you fly;

– the roots are magical, they contain the power of Mother Earth, they are used in potions and spells, in fairies’ decoctions, they are the basic ingredients of the people of the woods diet, the long legs of the trees supposed to defend the forest.

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