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A salad with salmon, avocado and sweet onion. Half an hour all for me

I wish that these days lo long and bright would last throughout the year, not just for a few precious summer months. I feel like I have more hours for me, to work, cook, write, take photos… I can go for a walk during the golden hour, have dinner with my family and then come back home, and yet, there it is the light, pale and summery. The days are longer, I am pretty sure that this is Mother Nature giving me a hand, an extra hour or two to help me get where I could not otherwise all by myself.

Insalata di salmone, cipolla e avocado

It feel again that sense of invincibility so typical of summer, the energy that flows beneath my skin and explodes into projects, dreams and castles in the air. I am writing now from a new corner that I have neatly organized up in the attic: a desk, a whiteboard with colored markers and a printer. It took me two years and a half to get so organized, but you know, I have my pace…

I’ve been around a bit and busy in these past few days, so I needed to reorganize my external and internal spaces before the last final run that will take me to the delivery of the book…


A Southern wedding

Yes, a wedding in the South of Italy, my cousin’s wedding. A wedding with all the food, and family, and laughter, and long hours drive, and sun, a lot of sun, and sea and waves, and love, above all. We went to Maratea, an old town perched on a hill on the Tirreno sea and guarded by a massive statue of Jesus Christ, often surrounded by clouds, second just to the statue in Rio de Janeiro.

It has been fifteen years since the last time I travelled South to visit the family. Last time I was following the steps of Orazio, a Latin poet, as I was still studying at Grammar school. Now I was searching for peperoni cruschi and cheese.



Maratea  Maratea


Cooking classes

I had some hilarious cooking classes, where I met incredible people. We had fun, we cooked up a storm, we learned from each other. Every time I ask my students to pin a flag on the map, to mark their hometowns. Sooner or later I’ll grab my suitcase and I’ll travel the world visiting all my students, you know I will do it!

Cooking class

Cooking class  Cooking class

Cooking class  Cooking class

We made zuppa ingleselatte alla portoghese, panzanellatagliolini with seafood, and a huge bowl of potato tortelli dressed with a fresh and garlicky tomato sauce.

Cooking class

Walking in the countryside

I had some good walks. When I need to clear up my mind I just wear my walking shoes, open the door, cross the gate and head West, following the setting sun. I walk to enjoy the last fresh hour of the day, to burn down one too many tastings of the day, to meet myself, to charge my body with a primitive energy, given by each step I stamp on the ground.


Countryside  Countryside



A salad with salmon, avocado and sweet onion from Tropea.

Obviously I cooked. I cooked for work, I cooked for the book, I cooked for the blog, I cooked for my students, I cooked for fun, I cooked for him, for my friends and for my family. And I cooked for me. Often. because when you follow the food blogger’s diet you love to experiment, create new intriguing dishes. Yesterday, coming back home after a few hours spent in between market, supermarkets, shops and other boring stuff, I carved half an hour all for me, stealing time to my schedule, to cook a salad which was also a rewarding meal.

I usually do not buy salmon as I prefer to choose local fish as sardines, mackerels or anchovies, though once in a while I love to treat me and buy a marinated fillet to be eaten raw. I found also an organic avocado from Sicily which brought me to tears for its freshness, so a salad was in order. A handful of raspberries, half an onion from Tropea, a red, sweet and juicy onion from the South of Italy, two tender courgettes quickly sautéed with their flowers and a drizzle of my best extra virgin olive oil. Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper were the final touch.

It was a tiny gift, a pause in an endless line of rushing hours. Now I am already planning new recipes, as tomorrow is a big day, a party with a bunch of friends to test a few recipes from the book. Enjoy this summery weekend, I have a stove crammed of pots and pans which is demanding my attention!

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  1. Fabulous landscapes, pictures and food! You make me want to travel…

    This salad is wonderfully summery and looks extremely appetizing!



  2. Hello Giulia, I discovered your lovely blog just now and I’m absolutely amazed how many great Tuscan recipes are here. I love your shots and jealous what a wonderful place you live in! Cheers, Aniko

  3. Giulia,
    I look forward to your weekly post and all the wonderful recipes. You have such a creative eye for taking pictures. I would love to walk the same countryside.

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