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Occhi di bue, cookies so big you can hold them with two hands

Date dicembre 15, 2014

I would tightly hold an occhio di bue with two hands, wrapped in a light and almost transparent paper towel, as if it was a croissant or a sandwich. Occhi di bue, literally ox eyes for their gentle shape, are the largest cookies in any pastry shop. They are perfect in their generous round shape, […]

Christmas Tea Tiramisu. Six steps to a memorable dessert.

Date dicembre 11, 2014

I can not resist to tiramisù. During my first months of cooking classes I always offered tiramisu as a dessert choice. At the beginning of the class I would sit in my kitchen, at the now famous marble table, and I would list the menu options that we would create together in the following hours. […]

Christmas cookies for your Advent Calendar

Date dicembre 2, 2014

Christmas is upon us and I’m late with my Advent Calendar. We should have opened the first paper bag yesterday morning, as first thing of the day, still in our pajamas. Yet, I so enjoyed making it this year, spending a few hours in the kitchen to play among flour, butter and chocolate, that I’m […]