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Carrot and almond cake. Browsing through sweet memories…

Date luglio 25, 2014

There are three carrot cakes in my memories. I ordered the first carrot cake with a broken English more than ten years ago. It was Summer 2002, it was my first holiday abroad with friends, a quiet August carved out from my University exams of July and September. We were four adventurers with backpackers and Ireland […]

Why July is my special month and a lemon polenta cake

Date luglio 11, 2014

July is my special month. It is bursting with sun and good weather, more intense and deeply rooted into summer than June, definitely more care-free than August, because Autumn is yet too far away to smell the musky notes of woods or the stormy winds. You can still plan your summer in July, because the sunny […]

A Summer peach pie, a video recipe, my book

Date giugno 27, 2014

I walked in the summery countryside, rejoicing with the warmth of the sun colouring my skin. I picked up wild flowers to soak them overnight and make St. John’s water, a magic and flowery water you use the day after to wash away tiredness, sadness and negative thoughts. I sat on my balcony at dusk, in […]