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Chicken breast meatballs

Those who know me now does not understand how I could have been such a picky little girl as a child. Unfortunately my skinny season lasted only up to 5 years old, when, after the tonsils operation, the enticing world of tastes and smells of the kitchen unrolled in front of my greedy eyes,…

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Potatoes and mozzarella casserole

This was my letter to Santa Claus more or less 20 years ago, when 9-year-old girls were still 9 year old girls.

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year, so would you mind bringing me some cute dishes and bowls to play in my small kitchen? Marta and I have so much fun pretending to cook in my granny’s shed, I would love some pretty dishes and a few small bowls with little cute flowers, or maybe a tray with lovely tea cups, so we can play the ladies! Thank you Santa Claus! Ah! If you have still room on your sleigh, can you bring me a Barbie doll as well? the one with long blond hair I keep looking at in Aunt Lella’s shop window! and, do not forget, bring also a little gift for Claudia, even though she is still a little tiny baby!

Nowadays, little girls write letters to Santa, asking for mobile phones, interactive games or mp3 players. I was an old style little woman, and, to be honest, I fear I’m still an old-fashioned girl! If I had to write my letter to Santa now, I believe it would have the same tone of voice and I would likely ask for pots and pans again! Ok, maybe now I would call them props, or cocottes, but in conclusion nothing has changed much. I still have so much fun cooking, and I still need cute flowery pots and dished to do that!

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