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Experiment with agar agar: strawberry pudding

Indulge yourself. Sounds good, isn’t it? Round and soft. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself. It is not necessary to have had a bad day to take some time for yourself and find your own little corner of paradise into your daily routine, made up of things that have to be made, people that have to be met, tasks that have to be accomplished. In between all these “have to be”s, it would be important to get a few moments of pleasure, something done only because you want to do it, because it makes you feel good.

It is really easy: an example? a walk when the sun glows and spreads its golden and pink gleams. One of the moments of pleasure I prefer is to choose a side country street, not the faster road clogged with traffic, but that road, the one that crosses fields and woods, where I can slow down the speed, lower the car windows and breathe the smell of hedges and fields of flowers. Immersed in a relaxed atmosphere, I choose my favourite cd (guess what? ABBA), turn up the radio and begin to sing with the scented air that caresses me and covers my happy but out of tune notes of Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen. Suddenly I’m a movie star, and I can always choose the soundtrack and the happy ending of that movie!

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Melktert – Milk Tart from South Africa

Four years ago, Italy was the football world champion, and summer was marked by an hypnotic chorus, beated by the joy of a completely unexpected success: po, po ro po po po pooooo po, po, po ro po po pooooo poooo . And now we are here, four years later, and we face the South African World Championship with the weight of responsibility of former winners. Do not misunderstand me, I’m not a football fan, but Meeta’s South Africa Monthly Mingle, dedicated to the country that will host this year Championship, has awakened some memories of that beautiful summer of four years ago.

The goal of this Monthly Mingle is to get to know African cuisine, an interesting cuisine, rich in traditions and influences, enhanced by spices, herbs and different scents. Browsing through many web sites of South African cuisine, an issue of Jamie – Jamie Oliver’s magazine dedicated to a fantastic barbecue in Cape Town – and Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries, with a beautiful chapter on her childhood memories in South Africa, I was totally enchanted by Melktert – the milk tart, whose texture was so impressive and delicious to win so far over all the other recipes!

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My Greek dinner: rice pudding

It took me two weeks, but finally I can show you the Greek dessert I made for my Greek dinner with friends for Valentine’s Day. It was such a long time I wanted to make the rice pudding again, one of my favorite desserts, but I wanted a Greek dessert… I was wrongly convinced that the riz au lait was French until I found the very recipe into the Greek section of the book of Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries! Perfect I would say, uh?

And allow me a “I still remember when…” moment, I was such a small foodblogger… it has been over a year since I posted the recipe for the rice pudding, it was on February the 11th, and it was my eighth post and I was still taking measures to photos and how to write. Let me show you the recipe again, changing the proportion of ingredients and cooking times according to Tessa’s directions. The result is very exciting!

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