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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: crumble omelette

Crumble omelette

On Sunday my mum and I were looking through cookbooks, searching for something that could inspire us for the weekly recipe  dedicated to the Tuscan cuisine, when I saw her eyes live up with joy: she had just found a recipe that she liked, that reminded her of a dish that my grandfather used to make for her and my aunt when they were children. What could have caught her attention, usually not inclined to be fascinated by recipes and well photographed dishes? No dainty, complex and elaborate dishes, made to impress, nothing containing ingredients difficult to find and even to pronounce … it was simply a dish that represents her well: omelette with crumbs.

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Directly from the 1978…

Do you remember I had some leftover egg whites and I used them to make my ginger meringues? Perfect, I used the egg yolks to make a bavarese alla crema, but sincerely I don’t know how to translate in English… can you help me? Read the recipe and tell me if this pudding has a proper name in English, otherwise let me introduce you my bavarese!

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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: Onion Omelette

I have two Tuscan recipes waiting to be published: they were supposed to be published in August, but in between holidays, Scotland and sun I totally forgot to post them here! So, it’s time to face the first one!

Omelette! What a great invention! All you need is eggs – better if farmer eggs – and some leftover vegetables. In a few minutes you’ll have an easy but delicious dish, perfect to be eaten with some fresh bread. One of the most popular Tuscan omelette is onion omelette.

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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: tomato eggs

Eggs and tomato

Nice to see you all again! Finally I’m back with my Tuscan recipes… There are three recipes waiting on my desktop to be translated, I hope to to be able to publish them as soon as possible, even more than one per week!

Tuscan cooking is really related to the vegetable garden and its seasonal products. In the summertime we have always fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, french beans and zucchini: as a matter of fact, many traditional dishes save the freshness and purity of the basic vegetable, celebrating its simplicity, as panzanella for tomatoes.

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