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Ricciarelli, Siena’s almond cookies

This date is written in red on the calendar like every other holiday... yet it is not a common one! January the 6th is red, vivid among the first days of the year, the last day of a joyful carousel of many other jolly numbers as red as candy apples... but there's something more behind its holiday appearance. December the 25th is a full holiday,with a sense in itself. January the 1st, again, is another holiday that makes sense on itself, standing at…

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Jamie Oliver’s oat and raisins cookies

As regard me, it’s spring, I know, I know…. weather forecast has said tomorrow it will snow,the Twelfth Night as yet to come, our cupbord is still full of Christmas products, but, as regards me, it’s spring. I just want to let you know that this is the way I live my life! After the First day of the year, I start feeling that the days are getting longer, the air gains a new smell. Maybe it’s all in my mind, but a new adventure has just begun, made up of new calendars and brand new diaries, so, for me, it’s spring or, at least, spring is coming with giant leaps.

Obviously I can’t post asparagus, wild strawberries and fresh herbs recipes, but rember, in a small corner of my heart spring is blooming. So, let’s come back for a while to winter earth and let me show you this recipe of simple cookies, found on last issue of Jamie Magazine together with another recipe that I’ll explain you in next days.

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Cookies: Christmas reharsal

Here I am after 2 days of work in Spello, Umbria: it’s amazing! As soon as my brand new car will arrive, I’ll put on a Bruce Springsteen cd and I’ll drive my Kia car towards Umbria, to discover old medioeval villages covered with fog and new delicious dishes. I bought  grass-peas: any suggestions on how to cook them?

Today was the first of three days off work, so I decided to make some Christmas reharsals, baking my first Christmas cookies, which contributed to make an happy tea time. The other goal was ti read until the last page my Cecilia Ahern book: so, don’t expect a long post, I must discover the mystery behind the castle!

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