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Scotch Shortbread

I’ve already told you everything about my Scottish holidays, but it was time to show you a real Scottish recipe. It is a real Scottish dish, as written Scottish Cookery by Margaret Fairlie. Just a note. When you buy shortbread cookies in airport they’re sold into rectangular boxes with castles and tartan on it and they have a rectangular shape as well. Travelling around Scotland I’ve seen mostly shortbread made in a triangular shape, as a slice of a cake. This is the shape I have chosen to bake my cookies.

Shortbread and Black bun are traditionally eaten on  Hogmanay, a celebration which originated in France in the 17th century when the two countries were linked in the ‘auld alliance’. Hogmanay is known in parts of Scotland as Cake day.


  • sieved plain flour, 125 gr
  • rice flour, 60 gr
  • caster sugar, 60 gr
  • butter, 125 gr
  • a pinch of salt

Combine flours and sugar and a pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Work in softened and diced butter until the dough is the consistency of shortcrust. Sprinkle a working surface with rice flour. Turn dough on to board and knead till smooth. Cut into potions and shape rounds. This amount will make four – five small rounds. Cut into 4 slices each round.

Place on baking paper in a baking tin. Prick with a fork. Put in oven at 180°C and cook until cakes begin to colour. Allow to cool in the tin.


I’m really proud of you! I still remember when I used to hold you and cuddle you as a young baby, your smell was milk and talcum powder, you were soft and fragile, but in your eyes strength and irony were already burning, such as now, as a young woman, strong and brave, confident on your choices and open and curious towards everything that life will offer you! Happy birthday Claudia!

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  1. They look very nice.
    Is it possible to use something else instead of rice flour, because I haven’t got this and Im not sure that I could find this in Eilat.

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