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Pudim al caffè

Here you have a Portuguese pudim, from Tessa Kiros's Piri piri starfish: Portugal found. A wonderful book, white and blue as Portuguese azulejos, with wonderful pictures, as in each and every Tessa Kiros's book. ::::: COFFEE CREME CARAMELS ::::: Ingredients for 8 creme caramels: milk, 450 ml strong espresso coffee,…

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Coffee Muffins

They're excellent for an afternoon snack, but also the day after for breakfast, or again as afternoon snack... Ingredients for about 16 muffin: espresso garnish: freeze-dried coffee, 2 tablespoons powdered almonds, 4 teaspoons brown sugar, 4 tablespoons streusel garnish (have a look on Wikipedia to see what streusel is): softened…

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