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Turkey and smoked bacon pie

October in the popular imagination is supposed to be the month when we step lightly into the 'normal' life, when you finally manage to rearrange your time schedule including the essential-for-your-self-esteem swimming class, the well deserved drink with your best friend, the quiet, calm and old style hour under the…

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Green! Pasta with pea pesto and crunchy bacon

I often create recipes based on the dominant color of an ingredient. Some time ago, for example, starting from the deep golden yellow of the corn flour I made one of my favorite desserts, a corn cake with limoncello, and since then I have repeated it in more than a special occasion. This time the main theme is green.

The peas are green, just shelled, they are crisp and sweet and make that fun sound when they fall into the bowl, just like gentle and muffled rain.

The table setting is green, green from the heavy glass to the small bowls to serve individually crispy bacon and goat cheese to match the pea pesto. The result is a fresh and carefree table, where everyone is welcomed and doesn’t panic if the tablecloth gets stained with the pesto, everything is nothing but green!

The green, in all its nuances, has always been my favourite colour: the tender green of the spring new grass, the deep green of the Northern Europe forests, full of stories and legends, the emerald green of the tropical seas and the acid green of my favourite t-shirt as a child.

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Buckwheat flour and bacon pancakes

Winter has been long and gloomy. I love the light rain, but just in London, not in my Tuscan countryside, it doesn’t fit at all! This is the reason I really strive for spring every year, as billions of people around the world! Just as the most longed for birthday gift, spring as arrived, and along with spring, sweet scents telling stories of woods, hedges and flowers and bees and new life!

I really love cooking in every season, but during the winter all I desire is a long and slow cooking, a simmering pot and a tale next to the fireplace. Now it is spring, and I still want to cook when I get home from work, but I look for simple things, something you can make as long as the light lasts, so that you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner and a drink with your friends. Chats with your girlfriends in front of a delicious dinner with a sparkling cocktail and contagious laughs as background music are definitely the best conclusion of the day!

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