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Egg Florentine

Eggs Florentine, but not from Florence!

Florentine tripe, Florentine peas, gelato alla crema fiorentina, Florentine salt cod... these recipes have nothing in common except their origin, Florence. The tripe is slowly cooked in a thick tomato sauce, and it differs from the Sienese recipe for the absence of ground beef in the sauce. Peas Florentine represent the delicacy…

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Chicken and spinach patties

There is a moment of my working day that I particularly like. I realized it in these days when I traveled to Rimini, when this moment expanded itself from a few minutes to several hours: I’m talking about the road trip – whether to or back – I’m doing almost every day with my colleague and friend, Romina. We meet at the usual place at the usual time, then we do the transfer from one car to the other in a state of trance, choosing on day mine and one day her car. Car sharing is the new black!

Romina gets off the car with a smooth, continuous movement, grabs her bags, locks her car and with the same agility she sits next to me. Time required: 5 seconds. I’m clumsy even in getting off the car: usually I stumble in my scarf (I like long scarves which you wrap a thousand times around your neck, not my fault…), I open and close the door several times before I have taken everything – from my bag to my lunch box. I check the radio, the keys and finally sit beside her, buried under more bags than those ladies sitting on the bus with only their nose peeping out from their shopping bags. Time required: one minute…

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