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Buckwheat flour breakfast muffins

You can say whatever you want, you can say that turning on the oven in summer is a sacrilege, that this is the season of ice cream and cold drinks at sunset on a terrace by the sea, with golden sand on your feet. But just consider for a while the everyday life, the reality of those who still get up every day, leave an already scorching bed and go to the office.

Add that the office does not have air conditioning and that your faithful partner is a bottle of jasmine green tea, light and refreshing. You don’t have a problem in finding a car park, because it is everyday granted, though under a merciless sun in a desert and tree-less countryside square. Considered all the elements, do you want to deprive a poor girl of one of the few comforts left?

If I could, I would really choose a life of beach laziness, fresh linen shirts and salads made of tomatoes from the garden, but my holidays are still a bit far, although I can finally see them on the horizon. Therefore, undaunted, I carry on with my habits, and one of them is to turn on the oven and make the muffins for breakfast, to start a new day on a positive and healthy note.

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Buckwheat flour and bacon pancakes

Winter has been long and gloomy. I love the light rain, but just in London, not in my Tuscan countryside, it doesn’t fit at all! This is the reason I really strive for spring every year, as billions of people around the world! Just as the most longed for birthday gift, spring as arrived, and along with spring, sweet scents telling stories of woods, hedges and flowers and bees and new life!

I really love cooking in every season, but during the winter all I desire is a long and slow cooking, a simmering pot and a tale next to the fireplace. Now it is spring, and I still want to cook when I get home from work, but I look for simple things, something you can make as long as the light lasts, so that you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner and a drink with your friends. Chats with your girlfriends in front of a delicious dinner with a sparkling cocktail and contagious laughs as background music are definitely the best conclusion of the day!

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