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Episode 43 – Food and motherhood

Baked apples

From the last episode of this podcast, a few things have changed. Summer has gone, leaving space to a bright, mild Tuscan autumn, and now it is winter, well, it’s Christmas in a few hours.

On August, the 28th, we welcomed Livia, our baby girl, into this world. It has been long, exhausting, and emotional beyond words.

The old life, the 2019 life, seems so far away for more than one reason. I barely remember how it was before, as so many things happened that turned our life upside down.

Food, as always, has been the red thread through the multiple levels of change, the key to understand those changes, and to make memories indelible. Food played a memorable role also into my labour and during the first hours as a new mum.

In this episode I talked about all the best food memories, the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and motherhood, food wise.

I’d be curious to know which are the rules, the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and motherhood, food wise, in your culture, and which was your experience, either as a new mum or as a close friend or relative taking care of a new mum.

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The recipes we mentioned in this episode:

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