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Episode 42 – In conversation with: Irina Georgescu, author of Carpathia

Before a well-deserved pause to welcome our baby girl into the world, and to get used to a completely new life, I’m so happy to share the latest episode of Cooking with an Italian accent, a conversation I had a few weeks ago with Irina Gergescu about her cookbook, Carpathia.

I like how she intertwines recipes, traditions and superstitions, like when she mentions garlic, or when she says that eating horseradish before Easter will bring you health all year round, or when she explains that Romanian people welcome official guests with bread and salt, the first to celebrate an alliance, the latter for prosperity.

We talked about the Romanian sense of hospitality, how she grew up Bucharest under the communist rule, about Romanian cuisine, typical ingredients, the unique tradition of borş and ciorbă, coffee and desserts.


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Oats in the North, Wheat from the South.

Romania is a true cultural melting pot, rooted in Greek and Turkish traditions in the south, Hungarian and Saxon in the north and Slavic in the east and west.

Carapathia, the first book from food stylist and cooking enthusiast Irina Georgescu, aims to introduce readers to Romania’s bold, inventive and delicious cuisine. Bringing the country to life with stunning photography and recipes, it will take the reader on a culinary journey to the very heart of the Balkans, exploring it’s history and landscape through it’s traditions and food.

From fragrant pilafs, sour borsch and hearty stews, to intricate and moreish desserts, this book celebrates the dishes from a culture living at the crossroads of eastern and western traditions.

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