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Episode 39 – Three books about Italian cooking you must have

Today we are talking about cookbooks. When I was organizing my cookbooks on the bookshelves, I rediscovered some favourites from the past that needed some more love, and realised there are cookbooks that I barely opened after the initial I-desperately-need-this-book enthusiasm. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite cookbooks here on the podcast, as you might find them interesting, too.

Today we’re talking about cookbooks on Italian cuisine, but do not expect the last cookbooks published by new famous food writers, we’re going back to the past: in this episode, we will talk about Pellegrino Artusi, Ada Boni and Paolo Petroni, with plenty of recipes from the blog to experiment.

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Join our Virtual Tuscan Cooking Class

Juls’ Kitchen is a family business. Tommaso and I work together to teach classes, develop recipes for clients, taking photos, producing the podcast, and writing the blog and the newsletter, along with cookbooks and articles. It has its highs and lows, but this is our job, and career. We do not have a backup plan, and, to be honest, after the hard work it took to get where we are, I do not want to change my job, as this is what brings me joy, what I am good at. That’s why we had to rethink our offer to change it according to the completely new situation.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Italian lockdown, we had to suspend our cooking classes for the moment. As we are missing people joining us in the kitchen and we’re missing sharing food and recipes, we launched a virtual Tuscan cooking course!
I am sure we will be back teaching classes in our cooking studio in the countryside, meeting people at the local café to begin the market tour, working for clients and brands to create recipes and organizing workshops and gatherings, but for the moment, we had to find a compromise. A compromise which is revealing itself rewarding, fun, and something we will keep for the future in our business plan! This is how our virtual cooking class was born.
With this course you will join me in my kitchen, attending step-by-step cooking demonstrations to show you exactly how to prepare each recipe. We’re going to use simple, affordable ingredients. You’ll learn recipes to make antipasti (appetisers), primi (fresh pasta from scratch like tagliatelle and ravioli), secondi (traditional meat and fish dishes), contorni (seasonal side dishes) and dolci (my famous olive oil cake, but also crostate and almond biscotti).
We are uploading new videos almost every week and we are open to your ideas and requests!
The recipes we mentioned in this episode:
Episode 30 – (cook)book review: “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” by Samin Nosrat

Have you made one of our recipes?

If you make one of our recipes, Snap a pic and tag @julskitchen and hashtag it #myseasonaltable. We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter! Join the fun of our Facebook Group Cooking with Juls’ Kitchen, too.

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