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LiveSTRONG Day 2010 – I ♥ pineapple

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this event, the LiveSTRONG Day 2010, promoted by Barbara’s Winosandfoodies blog. I immediately knew I would have taken part. I strongly believe in the power of cummunication, so I decided to come together to other foodbloggers throughout the world to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. I know, I’m just a blogger, posting a way to simple recipe… this won’t be the solution to mankind problems, but it’s an action, an action that can arise another action. So please read all the info attached following the links, and do what you can!

There are a couple of rules:

  1. The photo must include a yellow food.
  2. It must feature a heart in the photo – this could be food baked in a heart shape or food decorated with hearts.
  3. Your heart photo must be created specifically for this LiveSTRONG With A Taste Of Yellow – Heart Series.  It may also be submitted to events such as DMBLGIT, Tastespotting, FoodGawker, Flickr groups, Project 365 .
  4. Please include a link  to Barbara’s post. It helps raise awareness of LiveSTRONG Day.

LiveSTRONG Links

LiveSTRONG With A Taste of Yellow is an official LiveSTRONG Day event.

Pineapple is a cocktail all on its own (cit. The flavour Thesaurus, p. 265) and I could not agree more. When perfectly ripe, it is sweet, juicy, it has a touch of syrup and booze without the addition of almost anything but a little imagination. Above all, it has a deep bright yellow colour that can warm up a sad and  gray afternoon. This is the reason I chose pineapple to represent the yellow color. The pineapple is indeed a cocktail of health, vitamins, fun and bromelain, a substance formed by a combination of enzymes with important therapeutic actions. I think I could not find a better ingredient to represent the power of yellow in this context!

I ♥ PineapplePecorino cheese & Honey appetizers


  • fresh pineapple
  • matured Pecorino di Pienza cheese
  • lime and acacia honey

I do not think there is a particular need to explain the recipe: you can make fruit skewers, alternating chunks of pineapple and fresh pecorino cheese, or cut pineapple and Pecorino cheese with cookiecutters, choosing the shapes you prefer. Just before serving, drizzle with some liquid honey.

The savoury flavor of the cheese is softened by the sweetness of honey and the citrus and fresh pineapple. It seems strange, but these flavours mingle together and form a harmonious and very pleasant appetizer.

I ♥ Pineapple… DIY Piña colada


  • fresh pineapple
  • shaved coconut
  • cane sugar
  • white rum (being momentarily without white rum, I did it on my own and used Vinsanto)

Again, the picture is the best explanation of the recipe. Fresh pineapple slices, or pineapple chunks in a small bowl, coconut flakes, a sprinkle of cane sugar, scratching and aromatic, and a splash of white rum, to recreate a DIY piña colada as a delicious fruity desserts.

This is a dessert for grown-ups, due to the use of white rum or Vin Santo, as in my case… but without rum or alcohol it may very well turn into a delicious dessert, fresh and light for everyone, young and old.

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  1. This is a wonderful take on the classic cheese and pineapple on a stick we served at parties in my teenage years. Elegant and sophisticated. I’m serving next time I have people over. 🙂

    Thank you for giving me your heart Juls.

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