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Spicy hot chocolate mousse

The greatest compliment you can make, is that we are alike. She is lean, slender, blond, with two beautiful blue eyes and a shy smile wisely reserved to trustworthy people. I … I’m a little different from her, but it is undeniable, we have the same genes and we are proud of it! She is an active supporter of the pile fabric club during the the winter, I cheer chenille. She hates cinnamon, I’d use it everywhere.

She is open to new ideas, and for this reason she is my number one taster: from agar agar puddings, bouncing off the wall, to bread loafs that seem to be the corner stone of a cathedral, she tastes everything and then – wisely objective – promotes or rejects. You can find successful candidates here. As regards flunked ones… well, those have another end, less glorious!

I used to listen to Celine Dion and Whitney Huston, and she introduced me Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Dylan. She is still my music trends forerunner, not to mention that I discovered The Boss thanks to one of her albums!

She is a perfect vestal: when she’s in charge of fireplace and stove, they never burn out, even if with one hand she brews a pot of steaming tea and with the other one she makes recycled paper (one of her many skills!). When I’m alone at home, I realize that the fire has gone out when I my toes are blue and I’m surrounded by smoke, as in a ’30s old noir film.

Twenty years ago now, I was in my grandparents’ bed, and we were fantasizing about that little newly born baby; now she is harvesting grapes as a grown up woman, dividing her life between work and University, with courage to leave and desire to do. Happy Birthday little sister!

We approved this mousse together, spoonful by spoonful, judging the ingredient quantity wolfing it down, er, tasting every now and then!


  • Italian meringue, 200 g
  • whipped cream, 200 g
  • whole milk yoghurt, 150 g
  • unsweetened Dutch cocoa powder, 5 tablespoons
  • chili powder, to taste
  • candied ginger, to serve

Italian meringue recipe here, in my Baked Alaka post.

Whip cream and gently mix it to the Italian meringue and yoghurt. Sift the cocoa and add it to the yoghurt and cream mixture along with the chili powder, stirring constantly with extreme delicacy and savoir faire from the bottom up. The amount of chili depends on personal taste, we used a tiny bit of a teaspoon, and it was not a particularly hot chili.

Spoon chocolate mousse into bowls and refrigerate for at least two hours. Serve with a teaspoon of plain yogurt and a piece of candied ginger.

Tasting test. Just seeing the picture, you wouldn’t believe that it is an almost light dessert, would you?! Eventually, among the ingredients, you can find sugar from the Italian meringue and whipped cream, but there is no egg yolk, no butter and no chocolate, only the inoffensive, wonderful, fantastic Dutch cocoa. This mousse gives its best after being colled down in the fridge, and it must necessarily be served in single cups, otherwise it could be finished by one single person at once! It is soft, indulgent, decadent and rich, sharp with chilli but mitigated by the white yoghurt.

If the chili scares you, it can be substituted by Maldon salt chrystals, for a dessert as refined and delicate as the one with chili… I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

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  1. Wow, what a lovely post *wipes tears from her eyes* The description of your little sister has made me remember how much I love mine. In fact, I love her so much I might even cook her this amazing looking mousse!! Although I might substitute cinamon instead of chilli, as, like you it is my favourite spice. Superb.

  2. Aw, what a lovely post – you and your sister clearly have a wonderful relationship! And she’s lukcy to have you to make her that DIVINE looking mousse! And candied ginger? We adore.

  3. Aw, happy birthday to your little sister! I can relate – my sister and i are very close as well.
    This mousse looks amazing, and i love that it’s on the lighter side. Yum.

  4. I loved the way you wrote about you lil sis.
    And I am a sucker for chocolates and this just looks so so good.
    Loved the adition od spices. I just finished making a filling for mac with ginger in them 🙂

  5. This nearly made me cry. My relationship with my sister is really special and I live far away from her. Your post made me realise I should tell her more often. Love chilli in chocolate too!

  6. You are right.. it looks a lot more dense than I guess it would be given the recipe.. but looks sooo rich and decadent! Love the addition of spice kick.. Also LOVE the 2nd photo.. beautifyl composition!

  7. @ Rosa: thank you so much!
    @ Tiina: yes, it’s the same for us!!
    @ Rachel: I think that with cinnamon it will be as fantastic as with chili!
    @ The Blue-Eyed Bakers: candied ginger is a cool touch, I reckon! 😛
    @ Kitchen Report: absolutely decadent, indeed!
    @ Cherine: thank you
    @ Roxan:thank you so much from me and from my lil sis! You appreciate it twice, being on the light side, I assure you!
    @ Happy Cook: I want to see and – possibly – taste that macarons!!
    @ Sally: definitely! You should tell how much you love someone, ever!
    @ Patricia: thank you Patricia! I’m happy you loved the post and the presentation
    @ Asha: honey, it is a velvety decadent dream, mmh!! thank you for the 2nd photo! 😉
    @ Toreviewtoronto: thank you for your appreciation!

  8. What a sweet post. I do not have siblings but I have 2 little girls which are exactly the way you have described yourself! opposites and yet when they crawl in to their beds together it is a time I truly treasure.

    Love the spice kick in this decadent recipe.

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