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A breath of fresh air…

I have many ideas, projects, dreams. I write them down on a little black notebook with a black pencil, I like to be old style once in a while. Many of these projects are connected with my blog – like, a newsletter, sooner or later I’ll send you a newsletter, promise – and others are related to my cooking classes. Yes, I feel I’ve underestimated the importance of cooking classes in this space, I want to tell you more about the classes, show you pictures, let you know how happy and lucky I am to meet interesting and curious people, to live with them a piece of my dream. I hope to be more present, active and proactive from June on, be ready because I feel I need to give you something more and make this little corner of freedom and creativity even more lively. Because you deserve it.

So, before an Italy tour that will bring me to Milan, where I’ll cook in Piazza San Babila for the Milano Food Week, to Sicily, where I’ll spend a few days with Claudia and other old friends enjoying food, sea and sun (hopefully) and to Padua for Bruce Springsteen’s concert, I want to share with you a few pictures of one of the few sunny not rainy afternoons of this awkward rainy spring.

And how not to tell you about the other exciting project! We have a vegetable garden, a real, serious one! Luckily my grandma, my dad, my mum and my sister are taking care of it, because my thumb has every other colour but green. It will be an amazing garden, with courgettes, aubergines, carrots, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce… just name a vegetable and it will be there! We just need a pinch of sun.

I’ll be back soon, have a great weekend and thank you for your comments, e-mails and feedback. I promise I’ll catch up with all your lovely comments from June on!

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  1. All the best for your tour. I’m jealous already!!
    Careful if you go to Palermo though as my & I were there just last Saturday after a week in Cefalu & she was mugged by some *****le and lost a necklace. So be aware…….

    Keep up the good work.


  2. I’d love to read more about your cooking classes. I live in Canada and would like to come to Italy one day. And you’re going to see Bruce Springsteen again! Lucky you. He must like Europe as I think you see more of him than we do. Thanks for the beautiful photos, and have fun!

  3. You have a way of bringing our hearts to Italy! Thank you for the tour in pictures. I live in Canada, too, but would love to go back to Italy for a visit and take one of your cooking classes – that is a dream for me. Your blog is wonderful!

  4. The garden looks so nice. I have always dreamed of having a veggie garden right outside of my home. But for now, we are pretty happy with our herb garden on the balcony. Now we just need more sunlight and warmth so they can grow big. Lovely photos and post again, dear!

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