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Gluten free butternut squash bundt cake. Things you bake after a walk.

Date ottobre 22, 2014

October, butternut squash time. I’ve never cooked so much with squash as this year. October is also the perfect month to organize short trips and visit small towns, enjoying the crisp air that you breathe in these medieval villages perched on a hill. Get the car, decide where to go, then choose a soundtrack which can suit […]

Cranberry and vanilla rolls

Date giugno 20, 2014

I made these cranberry and vanilla rolls for two reasons. The first one is due to my need to do something physical. The more I work on the cookbook, cooking and writing and shooting, the more I need to work out the stress. As I am not such an enthusiastic gym devotee, nor the most […]

A boost of colour in the morning: broiled grapefruit

Date novembre 22, 2013

C like Colour, C like Contagious… and I’m not talking about one of those annoying seasonal sicknesses, but the good mood and the persistent smile that will spread as a wave thanks to the colours of this breakfast whipped up in a few minutes in a quiet Friday of November. It has been a tiring, exciting, fun week, […]