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Roasted potatoes with salted butter and rosemary flowers

Afternoon, at Juls’ Kitchen. The family is gathered around a table with two pats of butter on the table. Everyone prentens to be an expert and connoisseur to taste that secret ingredient just arrived by mail, perfectly chilled. Curious, aren’t you? What will ever be this secret ingredient that has come down here? Thanks to the competition L’ingrediente Segreto (The secret ingredient) organized by Sandra from Un Tocco di Zenzero and Fattorie Fiandino, I got home a stick of butter Burro 1889 and two pats of salted butter Burro Salato 1889. This Salted Butter from Fiandino Farms is made from 100% Piedmont milk and Sicilian salt from Culcasi Nubia saltworks at Trapani, hand-picked and a true heritage, as to be a Slow Food product.

But back at the tasting moment: everyone wanted to be the first to have the first spoonful, to finally taste the salted butter. The scene always the same: lips outstretched forward, as if for a kiss, eyes closed, a moment of concentration and then the tension melts into a smile of satisfaction and pleasure. One word: good. So what? What is it like? What do you think? Tell me something! Good, it tastes good, you know… butter, cream… it is truly exceptional.

All this considered, the challenge to invent a recipe with this salted butter was intriguing, fun and very productive! The final idea was to give the leading role to the 1889 Salted Butter, accompanied by a simple dish such as baked potatoes, baked with no fat or seasoning, but a few crystals of salt. Along with butter, rosemary flowers and white pepper, ideal to exhalt the flavor of baked potatoes.


  • potatoes
  • Salted Butter 1889 from Fiandino Farms
  • rosemary flowers
  • white pepper
  • coarse salt

The previous day. Remove butter from refrigerator and let it soften at room temperature. Stir it with a fork and add the flowers of rosemary and white pepper crushed in a mortar. Mix well and form again a  stick with butter, wrap it in aluminum foil and let cool in refrigerator for a day.

On the same day. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and prinkle with a handful of coarse salt. Rinse potatoes without peeling them. Cut them into slices about 1 cm thick and arrange them on a baking dish side by side. Sprinkle a handful of coarse salt over the potatoes and bake them for about 25 to 30 minutes, until they become lightly browned. Remove from oven.

Meanwhile, remove the butter from refrigerator and cut it into slices about 5mm thick: you can leave the slices as they are or cut them with nice and small cookie cutter, choosing the shapes you like the most.  Put a slice or a little figure of  flavored salted butter over each potato and serve before the butter has melted completely.

These potatoes with salted butter flavored with rosemary flowers and white pepper can be served warm as an elegant appetizer or finger food or as a rich side dish to accompany roast meet.

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  1. Oh what a lovely recipe! I thought these were crackers at first and then when I realized they were potatoes I just had to come have a closer look. I love potatoes and the presentation looks great while the flavours sound delish!

  2. I find that simple preparations really make flavors stand out, especially when your ingredients are pristine to begin with.

  3. sounds so simple, but they look amazing! what a great idea, i will be sure to try those next time i have a party.

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