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Matcha Creme Brulé

This is just a quick post to let you know that our G2Kitchen Spring Issue is on line! Unfortunately we won’t translate it into English this time, even though you can enjoy the freshest pictures we have gathered! I wrote about fresh and quick lunch boxes to enlight your lunch break at work or at University and presented my home town, Colle di Val d’Elsa. We had also a mutual task: choose the colour that most represents spring for us and describe it with emotions, images, suggestions and a recipe. Guess which colour I chose!

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Tea Tiramisu

Earl Grey Tea Tiramisu

Tea - Tiramisù! No, I'm not stumbling over my new recipe! It' just my personal interpretation of an Italian classic! Dissecting the tiramisù, one of my Top Ten favourites, a spoonful of creamy and velvety happiness, I discovered that: savoiardi biscuits + mascarpone cheese cream + bitter strong coffee =…

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Summer 2009 Cupcake Crawl

Summer 2009 Cupcake Crawl Good morning everyone! Today's post is entirely dedicated to a cupcake crawl, held by Kitchen Rap. I've been asked to take part at this competition and, since I love cupcakes, I accept the challenge and here I am. ::::: MATCHA AND WHITE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES ::::: Ingredients…

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Go matcha!

At last Claudia has finished her high school exams, and now she can start to built up her own future. She can choose between a lot of different opportunities, she can decide what to become, where to commit herself... I firmly belive that, whatever she will choose, her choice will…

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