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Apricot Jam With Cardamom, Vanilla & Lime

Apricot Jam with Cardamom, Vanilla & Lime

We don’t have Pick-Your-Own farm, where you can go and pick your own fruit and vegetables and then pay at the end the harvested products, seizing in the same time the opportunity to spend a beautiful day outdoors. I’ve been dreaming for months to visit a PYO Farm, thanks to Alex’s adventures with strawberries and Mowie’s with cherries.

So, why this incipit? Unfortunately I have not found a PYO farm around here… what happened is that Aunt Silvana’s apricot tree decided to produce tons of fruit, so she called along all the family to pick up ripe and marvellous apricots. Mom was in trepidation for over a week, she couldn’t wait to go picking apricots to make jam, her favorite summer activity.

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