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Rich pasta

Good Morning and Happy Monday! The colour of my weekend was red! Red like my hair (I dyed my hair and now they’re like Julia Robert’s hair, a wonderful Tiziano Autumnal colour), red as my brand new car, a flaming red Kia Picanto, red as my bank account for the next 5 years…

Let’s hit now my weekend cooking experiments: as a good pupil I tried to get haed for next weeks, taking advantage of a quiet Sunday morning. The weather was wonderful, the sun warmed the air and tree colours were flaming creating and Autumnal and amazing vision. I was in search of the right ingredients to enrich a simple dish of spaghetti, when it came to mind! Nuts were the perfect ingredient, as I consider them autumnal and rich, perfect to enhance the magnificence of the day.

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Buckwheat cake with chocolate

It’s Monday, and this is taken for granted, as the fact that a new week is beginning. Starting a new week with a smile on your face is not so obvious, but here I am, smiling, thanks to old and new friends and a long weekend spent with them. From Friday, with the Couchsurfing Monthly Meeting in Florence, to the medieval market in Siena on Saturday until yesterday, with a whole day dedicated to olive harvesting and good food with good people!

Since this is a food blog, let’s hit the main matter: food. I wanted to bake a cake able to close the lunch with fireworks, as we were going to eat home made pasta and barbecued ribs and sausages. I wanted something rustic and nourishing and I wanted to use buckwheat flour as I bought one pack of it more than one month ago! Following Camomilla‘s wonderful recipe, with just a few changese, I baked a delicious cake with chocolate filling, one of the most gorgeous cake ever eaten, believe me!

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Jamie Oliver’s Two-nuts Chocolate Cake

I love him. I can’tl help it. My love was born by chance watching Gambero Rosso Channel, maybe it was during an old The naked chef episode… He is joyful, rowdy, fun, enthusiastic. He is always singing and dancing while cooking, he gets carried away for a well-made dish, tastes everything with pleasure and makes everything with passion. What about his recipes? I love them… there is always that typical touch, that tip which can help you through… to cut a long story short, that for Jamie Oliver is true love!

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