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A gleam of sun in a jar

11 novembre, Saint Martin Summer, here in Italy. When I was young I really loved this legend:

It is understood that he was a kind man who led a quiet and simple life. The most famous legend of his life is that he once cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm, to save the beggar from dying of the cold (Wikipedia). It was so cold and rainy, but Saint Martin was so kind and generous that Someone up in Heaven ended the cold and windy weather and gifted this generous gesture with sunny and mild weather.

Today it’s sunny, bright and you feel like smiling every minute. Let’s use these days to organize ourselved to face the winter… this is what I did to save a gleam of sun in a jar!

I picked up the remainig thyme, chive and mint from the summer and layed them out on old newspapers to make them dry out for the winter. In between sun and oven warmth, in a few days they were completely dessiccated. No problems with thyme and mint, but my chive became like hay… I need to find a better solution to save it for wintew time.

I dipped my chillies, once essicated, into good extra virgin olive oil, with some garlic cloves and a spring of rosemary.  Close the bottle, shake it and keep it in a coll and dry place for a month.. then if you’re brave enough, you can taste it!

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