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Episode 37 – In conversation with: Regula Ysewijn

This is a special episode with a dear friend, Regula Ysewijn. We met in London in 2011, at the Food Blogger Connect, and since then we’ve become best friends, supporting each other through life and work endeavours.

Today we’re here to celebrate her new cookbook, Oats in the North, Wheat from the South.

This book is Regula’s love letter to British baking, and to Britain, its bakeries and shops, its traditions and ingredients.

We’re talking about what it takes to write a cookbook with a solid food history background, something she is an expert about, but also about how geography and weather influence the baking traditions of a country. We’ll talk extensively about buns, the afternoon tea ritual, oatcakes and griddle cakes, but also a very special wedding cake from Britain.

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Oats in the North, Wheat from the South.

Oats in the North, Wheat from the South is a guided tour of Great Britain’s baking heritage. Each of the timeless recipes is accompanied by stories of the landscape, legends and traditions of Great Britain, from Saffron cake, Cornish pasties, Welsh Bara brith, Shrewsbury cakes and Isle of Wight doughnuts to tarts, oatcakes, gingerbreads, traditional loaves, buns and bread rolls such as Aberdeen butteries and Kentish huffkins.

Regula shows us how the diverse climate of the British Isles influenced the growth of cereal crops and the development of a rich regional baking identity. She explains how imports of spices, sugar, treacle, fortified wines and citrus added flavour, colour and warmth to a baking culture much adored and replicated all over the world.

For sale at Amazon UK and Waterstones UK

And Indie bookstores with in particular the following stores:
Cookbookbake in Brighton (also shipping to you)
Warwick Books in Warwick (also shipping to you)
Toppings & Company in Edinburgh, Ely and Bath (also shipping to you)
Browsers Bookshop in Woodbury (delivers locally)

’Oats in the North, Wheat from the South’ Published with Murdoch books in Britain, Australia and New Zealand in April and the US later this year (with a different title: ‘The British Baking Book” and cover) with Weldon Owen.

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