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Episode 20 – September: Grape harvest and grape recipes

September as the new January, September with that back to school feeling: a new diary, blank pages, a sharp pencil. September as a month to begin again, a time for new goals, new resolutions. I love September for all these reasons, for the first cooler mornings, for that yellowing light at dusk, for that feeling of having a second chance, a second new year. But I love September also for grapes, and all the recipes you could make with them.

September is the grape harvest month, and the time to finally bake one of my favourite treat, schiacciata con l’uva, a grape schiacciata, to make my harvest jam with grapes, figs and apples, and to reintroduce in my cooking class repertoire a delicious side dish, fried green tomatoes with grapes.

In this episode you’ll find memories and recipes with grapes, to enjoy this brief season.

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Word of the day

Learn the Italian language of food word after word. Every year more than 200 people join our cooking classes. Speaking with them, I made a small dictionary of important words and pronunciations that can help you navigate through the immense world of Italian food. So, if you love Italian language as much as you love Italian cooking, these are a few words that can be useful for you.

Today’s word is vendemmia. Vendemmia – V – E – N – D – E – M – M – I – A is the grape harvest, an activity which is more a celebration than a labour.

Sometimes the word vendemmia is used also to indicate a vintage, like vendemmia del 2013, 2013 vintage.

The recipes we mentioned in this episode:

Have you made one of our recipes?

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