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Summer RoundUp… what is you summer like?

You still do not know it, but this will be a summer to remember. I have this wonderful feeling that lingers in my head, fills my stomach with butterflies and makes my heart beat to the rhythm of drums. It’s like when you feel that something  stunning and very positive is going to happen, when you feel vibes in the air, shimmering with a golden light full of expectations. I am living one of those moments. No, nothing new has happened: I am still the same old single, Bridget Jones’ style, Donna Hay didn’t called me to work with her. No, not even Jamie Oliver, unfortunately. Simply summer is here, and with summer the whole load of great expectations that accompany this season every year!

Every year, in September, I find myself at the end of summer and I can’t even realize how it has happened, but this time I have decided that this will be different. I decided to live this summer moment by moment, so that one day, as an old woman, I’ll look back at this not as a summer, but as that summer. Just like Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, this will be my, our, summer of ’69!

Oh when I lock back now
That was seemes to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya – I’d always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

How can make it memorable? What about traveling?! I know, I know … it is not easy to take your backpack and follow a road to the horizon, savoring the air and the changing landscape that becomes lake, sea, mountain, forest or desert.

Friends will helps us, marvellous new friends I met through the blog, people who live somewhere else, with a daily life completely different from my own, yet intense and amazing thanks to the same passion, food. They are exceptional foodbloggers, with whom I can laugh at stupid things on Twitter, or who may help you and give you wise advices without asking anything in return!

Well, these international foodbloggers (with a national exception currently living abroad) every Friday up to September will present their own idea of summer, their holidays, their recipes, their photos.. it will be a way to travel remaining at the your desk, a way of discovering different places and different recipes that will provide a more international style to our summer! This is also a chance to tickle my xenophilia vein, standing still with my feet in Tuscany!

Tomorrow you’ll find out who is the first guest who’ll bring you on holidays, but for the moment … DLIN DLONG service communications !

  • I guest posted on Tuscanycious, Tuscany with gusto: come to discover something more about Tuscan herbs and my passion for foreign countries and later on for Tuscany.
  • Last remind, you have time up to the midnight of the 30th of June to send me your recipe for the Hay Hay Donna Day event, take part to the competition and play with pea and mint soup.
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  1. I wish you to have the summer this summer. For me blogging is one thing to satisfy my incredible wanderlust in the everyday routine. I love to read from other coutries, cultures and the peoble behind. I’m looking for your upcoming post…

  2. What a great idea. It will also give us an opportunity to meet new food bloggers. Can’t wait for all this lovely reading. what a fabulous idea.

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